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Roof Coating Scotland has been established since June 2013 when our parent company Pure Eco Solutions Scotland Ltd started trading we are part of the same group of family companies as Wall Coating Scotland.

Roof Coatings Scotland has completed hundreds of exterior property renovations including Wall Coatings in every region of mainland Scotland.  We have completed dozens of roof coatings in the Glasgow area alone and hundreds more roof and wall coatings in most areas of Scotland. Customer feedback is completely vital to our business and we are proud to say we are “proud members of Checkatrade”.

Apologies for being a little cheesy, however being a member of Checkatrade is a reputable trait after passing their quality checks and give our score shown based on average verified reviews online, we would say if you consider our other reviews on other platforms we are doing quite well in terms of looking after our customers. Roof Coatings Scotland continue to demand the best from ourselves and our staff make sure along with being transparent with our online reviews across our family of home improvements, heating and coatings companies, we simply use it as a catalyst to make sure our standards remain at the very highest level! Providing that word of mouth and repeat business looks after itself and we can generate business from Google, Facebook and other online platforms this serves both our company and our Scottish based customers very well.

Roof Coating Services We Offer

Roof Coatings in Glasgow, Scotland

Roof coatings protect your roof and improve the overall look, you also have the extra protection and insulation that professional coating products such as the award winning roof coatings company Renotec, we are a local Glasgow company supplying serving Scotland with Renotec roof coatings.

Roof Renovation in Glasgow, Scotland

Roof renovations are available in the form of either roof coatings and cleansing of your roof. Have an old looking roof in Glasgow Ayrshire or Edinburgh? Have you considered having your roof restored to it’s original look? Contact us today to arrange a free survey.

New Roof & Re-Roofs in Glasgow, Scotland

With the cost of a new roof in the Glasgow area costing 4 or 5 thousand pounds, AT THE VERY LEAST. Having new coating, insulation and other roof restoration and roof renovation procedures completed on your roof is an affordable way to have your roof looking good as new.

Roof Damp Proofing & Exterior Damp Proofing Glasgow, Scotland

Roof Coating Scotland’s damp proofing injection system provides professional treatment against rising damp and other types of damp on your property. Own a home in Scotland? In terms of areas of your home to prioritise when damp proof your home, your roof is always going to provide essential protection. We would advise that when damp proofing your home, you should prioritise your roof. Both in terms of value for money is the most essential part of your home to have damp proofing complete on.

Painting & Decorating

New company announcement, due to the seasonal nature of roof coating, and getting rained off etc during the winter we have launched an excited new sister company called The painting & decorating company Scotland which will focus predominantly on domestic painting services which will allow us to trade year-round regardless of the weather. If you would like a quote for any internal or external decorating check out our new website

Roof Cleaning & Roof Moss Removal Glasgow, Scotland

Roof Coating Scotland offer a full roof cleanse, this is something we complete on every roof coating job anyway, however, over the years we have had many customers in Glasgow and elsewhere in Scotland who have contacted us looking to have it done as a stand-alone service. Part of the reason for these people contacting us is moss and other roof debris which builds up over time in wet weather. Roof cleaning and moss removal is more of a short-term solution if you are looking for a new look roof and you live in Scotland.



    “Roof coating, using Renotec. Good quality workmanship, competitive estimate, courteous and very easy to deal with.”

    9.25 Verified Checkatrade Feeback

    Roof Coating job in Helensburgh

    Before and after pictures from a recent roof coating application in Cambuslang, South Glasgow. 

    Roof Coatings and Roof Protection in Glasgow & Scotland

    As well as a brand new look, roof coating offers a protective insulation to protect your roof from the harsh Scottish elements. Given the weather in Scotland it’s no surprise that roof coatings are a popular option for many homeowners in the country. Roof Coating Scotland has installed dozens of roof coatings in Glasgow, Ayrshire, Edinburgh, Inverness, Aberdeen and every other city, town and village in Scotland and hundreds more exterior wall coatings with dozens of positive wall coating reviews.

    Roof Coating Application

    Why get Roof Coating?

    Defends against harsh weather
    Prevents build-up of algae, moss and other debris
    Insulates your roof, reducing heating bills
    A completely new looking roof
    Increases your property value

    Before & After

    Renotec Roof Coating in Glasgow & Scotland

    Much like proPERLA in wall coatings, Renotec is one of the market leaders in the roof coatings industry. Roof Coating Scotland are approved Renotec roof coating installers with many years of experience in roof coating contracts all over Scotland. Using Renotec coatings ensures you that your roof is coated with the latest technology in the roof coatings market. The molecular structure is very similar to proPERLA wall coatings. The external coating on your roof Renotec offers helps prevent any roof leakage, moisture that can occur when your roof needs coated. 

    Up To 20 Years Guarantee On Your New Roofing Coating

    On every single roof coating contract we work on, Roof Coating Scotland offer a minimum of a 20 year guarantee on all Renotec and Roof Coating Scotland products. This offer extends to roof coating products has available. The Roof Coating products we use all Renotec, so they, therefore, come with the up to 20 years guarantee that they offer on all products. 

    Façade Roof Coating Glasgow, Scotland

    Our unique roof coating and masonry crème have built-in technology that allows your roof to self-clean, makes them completely water resistant and still allows your roof to breath naturally. If you are looking to renovate, restore or completely remodel your roof then our façade roof coating option is perfect for you.  Façade roof coatings are available in spray form and can be used on the likes of roof cladding, solar shades, solar panels and other types of sheet cladding systems.

    How Long Does It Take To Coat Your Roof?

    Roof Coatings are more or less exactly the same as wall coatings when in regards to the time it takes to install them and the process that we follow. Roof Coating is very quick to install, if you consider the length of time they will protect your roof and the up to 20 years guarantee on offer, average installation time being between 2 and 3 days is a very quick turnaround. Wither or not it’s 2 days, 3 days or in some cases more than 3 days is all down to the size of your roof, the angles it has and how complex it is to be able to comfortably coat your roof all the way around. For a more accurate timescale on how long your roof will take to coat it’s best that you arrange a free survey and then we can forecast accurate timescales.

    Roof Coating Scotland’s Installation Process

    Day 1

    This is our “prep day”, proper preparation for any coatings products is vital and with roof coating, this is even truer. Roof Coating Scotland cleanse your roof of any dirt, debris or moss that has built up. We will also complete a full fault check survey looking for any cracks, blemishes and roof repair work the needs carried out. Anything found during this inspection will be resolved or removed before we start spraying on any coatings. 

    All of your property will be covered in a protective sheet, things such as windows, doors, conservatories, gutters and other parts of your roof that don’t require coating will be completely covered.

    Day 2

    We will apply the first coat on your roof using our market leading Renotec roof treatment products. The first coat will be applied evenly and will absorb between 10 to 12 millimetres into the roof’s substrate. 

    We then let the coating dry, overnight if required which is followed up with the second coating which is where you will begin to notice the major difference from your old roof.

    Day 3

    Whether or not your roof will even take 3 days to coat is down to size, shape and how quickly the Renotec roof coatings product settles on your roof. Regardless if it’s the end of the second day or into the third day or in some cases longer we always carry out a full roof and property inspection. Given how much we value your feedback, we consider this part of the process the most important to make sure all work is completed to our own high standards and you are 100% satisfied with your newly coated roof.
    For most, if not all inspections our owner will be on site to make sure first hand you are completely happy with the outcome.

    Remember all roof coatings come with a 20 years guarantee.

    *** Further days may be required depending on the size of your roof and property***

    Company update

    We have recently launched a new business called feature wall scotland, which will focus on delivering bespoke feature and media walls to both domestic and commercial customers in Glasgow, Ayrshire and Edinburgh. To find out more about our new business check out the new website

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