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Having a clean home says a lot about the people living inside and having a clean exterior gives off a positive first impression. Roof cleaning is very important, much like clean gutters it shows that you on top of your homes maintenance and take pride in the appearance of the property. The roof is an area of your house which is completely exposed and will have effects of harsh weather conditions and human-made carbon pollutions. Sometimes people think of completely renovating the roof by changing tiles or sheets which can prove to be very expensive.

Other people try cleaning the roof themselves, this proves to be quite a difficult job, it’s also not very safe when you try to do it alone and can also prove ineffective which makes the risk and extra hassle foolish. The climatic conditions in Glasgow makes it easy for moss, lichen and algae to grow on the surface of your roof.

Professional roof cleaning requires an experienced team of people. Roof Coating Scotland have been in the field of roof cleaning and coating for many years. We provide one of the best and affordable roof cleaning services in Glasgow.

Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Services

Roof Cleaning

We offer extensive professional roof cleaning including blast cleaning and deep roof cleans using anti fungicide roof wash.

Roof Moss Removal

Our blast cleaning and deep clean roof wash service includes moss, lichen and algae removal.

Roof Coating

As well as roof cleaning and moss removal, we offer roof coating application. We are approved Renotek roof coatings installers.

Roof Coating Offers

We have regular special offers and incentives on our roof coating service. Hopefully, this will make all of the amazing features and benefits of roof coating even more appealing and affordable.

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Roof Coating Application

Why get Roof Coating?

Defends against harsh weather
Prevents build-up of algae, moss and other debris
Insulates your roof, reducing heating bills
A completely new looking roof
Increases your property value

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Roof Cleaning Service Glasgow

As we mentioned earlier, the climatic condition of Glasgow makes it easy for the formation of moss, lichen or fungus on its surface. It does require a team of experts to remove them from the roof. Let us provide a brief explanation of how we approach roof cleaning.

Our Roof Cleaning Process:

Roof cleaning comprises many individual steps. These steps are executed in a precise order to get the best results.

Close examining your roof:

The first step is to examine the condition of your roof. There are different types of roofs and different types of roofs require different cleaning procedures. So by examining the condition of the roof, we can have a statement on how dirty is your roof, its present condition, the total area to be cleaned and the procedures required to clean it. Based on this assessment the cleaning procedures will commence, which may include:

Fungicidal roof cleaning:

This is done to remove the fungus on the roof surface. For this process, a fungicidal wash is applied to the whole roof. A fungicidal wash contains a biocide that can effectively kill the growth of fungus. Experienced technicians like us use fungicides that do not contain any synthetic chemicals or produce any kind of fumes when applied. So no need to worry about any allergic reactions.

Roof moss removal Glasgow:

Shingles on the roof are an ideal environment for the growth of moss and algae. This is because of its moist and humid nature. This, when combined with indirect sunlight, makes the moss flourish. The moss removal process is done with the help of any bleach. An equal amount of water and bleach is mixed and is used to spray in the area. After which will have to scrub it out completely and then clean it with water.

Roof lichen removal Glasgow:

The method of Roof lichen removal greatly depends on the type of lichen. There are many ways to go about it, but we only use methods that do not cause any damage to the roof tiles. These are some of the natural remedies to get rid of lichen.

  • Either vinegar is applied to the area. The strength of acetic acid in vinegar should not be more than 5%. Add a very small amount of dish soap so that vinegar cling to the lichen. This can kill the lichen and once it dries off you can brush it out. After which water is pumped to clean.
  • The next method is using baking soda. Mix baking soda and water in the desired proportion in a bottle and shake well until it is completely dissolved. Spray it on to the area affected by lichen. Once it is killed, clean the surface.

Roof Gutter Cleaning Glasgow

Roof gutters are a very important drainage area. If the gutters clog, the drainage outlets may get closed causing rainwater to puddle up. This often leads to gutter overflow and can corrode the material itself. If the gutters are sheet metal, it will rust or if it is wood, it may get rotten.

The various steps included in gutter cleaning are:

  • Using to scoop out the debris
  • Application of high-pressure hose wash on the whole gutter
  • Clearing all the obstacles inside the gutter to help the water flow easily
  • Or using a gutter vacuum cleaner to vacuum the whole gutter

Roof Tile Cleaning Glasgow

Roof tiles should be cleaned during intervals to get a fresh look for the property. This is a difficult process and it is better to outsource it to a cleaning company. Our company provides the best service and experienced professionals. Each type of roof tile needs a different strategy for cleaning. Also, care must be given that the roof tile should not get damaged during the process. According to the needs and also based on debris on the roof, a proper roof cleaning strategy is undertaken. If required replacement of any damaged tiles is also done.

What To Look For In A Roof Cleaning Company

Roof cleaning should be done in a way that the roof gets as close to its original condition. Also, care must be given so that the cleaning process does not result in any damage. It requires an experienced and expert cleaning service. If you are giving your work to a company, just have a look at their past performances and their past clients. Also, see if they got required certifications and license from authorities. Just see if the company provides all the services mentioned above in a very reasonable budget. We are proud to say that our services only bring smiles to your faces.

Roof Cleaning Cost Glasgow

For roof cleaning, the cost depends on the total area to be cleaned. The main factors deciding the roof cleaning cost Glasgow are:

  • Total time is taken for the cleaning process
  • Amount of moss, algae, and fungus present on the roof
  • The total size of the roof

With all things taken into consideration, we provide you with the most innovative and satisfactory roof cleaning at a very reasonable cost. People often ask for a price on the telephone, this is very difficult unless you know the dimensions of your roof. The best way to get an accurate cost for you to consider is to call us or complete our short contact form to allow us to come and have a look in person.

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